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My name is Martyn Webb, and I am the newly appointed Chair of the Cambridgeshire Hockey Association, and I would like to introduce myself and hopefully set out a few objectives as a county we would like to achieve over the coming season.

County hockey plays a large part in the development of young hockey players and is a different environment to school and club whilst still embracing age group hockey

With the introduction of Talent Centres and Talent Academies the role that County plays has become slightly blurred and we will need to work with the Academies, Talent Centres, and Clubs to show that county still plays a vital role in player development and the England Hockey Talent System.

County hockey is also responsible for Masters Hockey from over 35’s and upwards. The County currently enters teams in the O40s and O50s Mens inter-county tournaments and O40s women. For the first time this year, the County has also entered an O60s Mens team in the EH Championships. More information about Masters opportunities is available on the Masters page.

We would like to improve our communication with all the clubs and schools within the County to help grow participation and develop relationships, especially with those clubs and schools that do not have a large playing membership.

We are also in need of volunteers, and you probably have a similar issue at your own club, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact me:

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